Tarot Pin Button

3.00 лв.

  • 58 mm metal button
  • Safety pin style backing
  • Will look great on your bag!
  • Will look great everywhere actually


We can’t stick stickers to bags…but that’s why we have pin buttons! Time to fancy up that bag, hat or jacket, and show the world how funky you are. All of my buttons are handmade by me, the design is printed on quality matte photo paper and they have a protective layer of mylar plastic on top.


While the top of the button is plastic and therefore water-resistant, the back is metal and can rust if subjected to constant water or humidity. If your button gets wet (ex. you have it on your backpack and bam suddenly rain and no umbrella) dry it off with a paper towel. Avoid humidity if you can, if you can’t – oh well.


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