These TERMS OF USE govern the terms of purchase and sale through the online store – www.mushyarthouse.com. These terms and conditions constitute a contract of sale between www.mushyarthouse.com and any individual visitor to the site who has made a request to purchase goods through the e-shop.

As the creator and owner of the website www.mushyarthouse.com, Maria-Angela Angiuli (hereinafter referred to as the “vendor“), entitles you to view all materials published on this site for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you comply with all copyright and related notices. The materials on this site are not permitted to be altered in any way, nor to be copied, publicly distributed for any public or commercial purpose.

The term “you” refers to anyone who uses, visits and/or views the website.

Maria-Angela Angiuli. reserves the right to change the conditions at any time without prior notice. Any changes in conditions will be published on the website.  It is your responsibility to periodically check the website for updates.

Your continued use of the website after posting of any changes to our Terms and Conditions constitutes your acceptance of those changes and updates. You must not access or use the website if you do not wish to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The use of materials published on this website on other sites is prohibited.

  • Maria-Angela Angiuli specializes in stationary and apparel products with original art illustrations.
  • Maria-Angela Angiuli is registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC:180720801
  • Maria-Angela Angiuli does not possess a physical store.
  • Maria-Angela Angiuli, (referred to as “the vendor“) is also responsible for the design, manufacture and shipping or the products, as well as for correspondence with customers of the online store.
    “Customer” refers to any person visiting the e-shop www.mushyarthouse.com who has placed an order by clicking the “Check out” button available in the virtual cart. 


  • By placing an order on www.mushyarthouse.com, each customer of the website agrees to these TERMS OF USE and undertakes to comply with them.
  • To place an order the customer needs to be 18 years of age or to have permission from a guardian. 
  • All prices of items in the e-shop include VAT. Prices are per piece, excluding delivery fees.
  • Each product in www.mushyarthouse.com is handmade either beforehand or within the production period specified on the page of the product itself after successful completion of an order by the customer.* “Product” refers to any stationary or other item that can be purchased by the customer in the online store.
  • The vendor has the right to extend the period for production of an item in the event of circumstances such as: accumulation of too many orders at once, running out of material, accidental events that impede the manufacturing process. In case of deadline extension, the vendor will contact the customer by email or phone.
  • The vendor does not guarantee the availability of the ordered goods. In the case of an ordered product being out of stock, the vendor will notify the customer of the circumstances.
  • The vendor has the right to change the prices in the e-shop of the offered products without prior notice. The customer is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of the order and confirmation of the desired products.
  • The vendor does not guarantee that the access to the e-shop will be uninterrupted, always timely and free from errors.
  • The vendor is not responsible for failure to provide access to the e-shop, as well as for non-processing or untimely processing of purchase orders in the event of circumstances beyond their control – cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems with the Internet and more.
  • The vendor undertakes to safekeep the personal data provided by users to third parties and never provide it to any external sources. 


  • When placing an order, the customer must select a color or other available mandatory variation from the product’s drop-down menu.
  • By clicking the “PLACE ORDER” button, the customer declares that they have read the current TERMS OF USE, agree with them, accepts them and undertake to comply with them.
  • The vendor confirms the accepted order of the customer via automatic e-mail, and in case of impossibility to contact or need to specify information about the order – by a phonecall.
  • Orders with incorrect or incomplete data such as address, telephone number, etc. are considered invalid and will not be processed. 


  • The customer may pay for a product order, using one the following ways:– by Cash Upon Delivery (applying only for the territory of Bulgaria)
    – by Credit card via Stripe (valid worldwide except for Bulgaria)
  • By choosing “Cash upon delivery”, the payment is collected by Econt. When order is marked as “completed”, the delivery will be carried out to the home address or Econt office of choice of the customer within 72 working hours or according to the courrier’s delivery schedule.
  • Delivery of products abroad is done through Bulgaria Post services. After handing over the packages to a courier, the vendor will contact the customer via email and provide them with a unique tracking number.
  • International packages are usually delivered within 5-14 working days for European countries, depending on the destination. Other countries may take up to two months.
  • The vendor is not responsible for any delays in delivery due to circumstances beyond their control, such as postal delays and customs detention.
  • All products are packaged accordingly in regards to their type and shipping method. The products are handed over to the customer or to a third party, who accepts and confirms their receipt on behalf of the customer by signing the documents accompanying the goods, if any.
  • If a customer is not found within the delivery period at the specified address or if access and conditions for delivery of the products are not provided within that period, the vendor is released from the obligation to deliver the products ordered for purchase.
  • In the case of a customer desiring to have the product re-delivered after the expiration of the original delivery period, all costs of the re-delivery will be paid by the customer. In this case, a new delivery period starts from the moment of confirmation. 


  • The customer has the right to return a product to the vendor within 14 business days from the date of receipt. This can occur only if the product has been kept in its original condition and there is no damage to its packaging.
  • All costs associated with the return of goods are at the expense of the customer.
  • If damage is found the product will not be refunded and it will be returned to the customer only upon request, provided that the customer pays for the shipping.
  • Upon the returning of a product, the customer will be refunded by  bank transfer only the amount of the returned product itself.
  • Shipping fees are not refundable.


  • All information and content on this website are intended for individuals over the age of 18.
  • Children, as defined in our Privacy Policy, are prohibited from using this website.


We are dedicated to respecting the privacy of your personal information. Your acceptance of our Privacy Policy is expressly incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.


  • You expressly waive any legal claims you may have now or in the future arising from or related to the website and our products/services. In the event of a dispute, claim, or controversy arising from or relating to your use of this website, the terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Bulgaria.
  • You agree to first resolve any disputes or claims through mandatory arbitration, and you consent to and submit to the jurisdiction and courts of Bulgaria without regard to conflict of law principles or where the parties are located at the time of the dispute.
  • You agree to bear the full cost of arbitration, to the extent permitted by law. Participation in arbitration in good faith is a condition precedent to pursuing any other legal or equitable remedies available, such as litigation or any other legal procedure. You also agree that if a legal claim is filed after the required arbitration, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and other legal costs.


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